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Bedika with paper towel


What to do if a woman cannot do a bedika because she says it hurts? She says that she can do it with a soft paper towel. Is that sufficient to do a hefseik tahara on the first day and the last day?


If the area is dry there is an option to wet the bedika cloth with a little bit of water, enough that the cloth becomes softer. She can sprinkle on a few drops of water, and those drops will spread and make the whole cloth moist. Alternatively, she can make it wet and then squeeze out the water so it will only remain moist. This way the cloth will be softer than usual.  A paper towel is not he preferred way to do a bedika because she may be afraid that it might rip, or if it the type that doesn’t absorb well. Bdieved if it was used and it does absorb it is ok.

Regarding the amount of bedikos, she must make a hefsek tahara before sunset, and then the next day she starts counting, and depending on how sensitive she is, but she should try to make bedikos at least on day one and seven. The hefsef tahara is not counted as day one.

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Shevet Halevi 2-100, Tahara Khilchoso  pg. 282 ftnt. 40.

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