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bracha on chanuka lighting very late


If you forgot to light chanuka candles and now it is close to midnight, can you light with a bracha? does it change things if you live alone?

Thank you very much!


It depends on where you live and who late there are people walking in the street and passing your home. People are still passing by you can make a bracha. Additionally, if there are people in your house that are awake and can see the candles you can make a bracha all night. If you live alone, or there is no one that can see your candles, then you would light without making the bracha since no one is going to see the candles. If there is someone at home that you can wake up in order to see the candles, that is what should preferably be done.

Best wishes


Sefer Hateruma as quoted by a number of Rishonim, O:CH 672-2, M:B 672-11.

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