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milchig spoon on fleishig counter


My child was making milchig oatmeal in a very hot pot and then put the hot metal mixing spoon on a fleishig marble counter what is the status of the
2 counter?

Thank you


  1. The spoon would not need kashering as we can assum, that the counter was not used for hot fleishig put directly on it from a kli rishon within the last 24 hours.
  2. Regarding the spoon, assuming that there was actual milk in the oatmeal at the time that the spoon was stirring it, then that specific part of the counter would need kashering. You can wait 24 hours from when it happened, clean that small part and pour boiling water over it. The reason is because it is questionable if the spoon is actually a kli rishon or not. Even if it is, we say that it can not give tase from that a peels worth, and pouring hot water over it will kasher it for that peel’s worth.
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