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Waking friend for vasikin and gezel shayna


A bachur asked me to come to his room to wake him for vasikin. I knew what room he was in, but due to the early hour and darkness when I entered the room I could not figure out what bed he is on (there are several people in the room). Am I allowed to wake a person who I think is this bachur, even though there is a small possibility that I am mistaken and it is someone else and I have no way of verifying due to the darkness? Or is it better not to wake anyone and just leave once I realize that I can’t figure out what is the right bed?
If I woke (or may have woken) the wrong person, do I need to ask mechila, or should I avoid telling him anything since he will get angry at me (he doesn’t know it was me due to the darkness)?


The best thing in such a situation is to leave the door open a little bit so that some light comes into the room, wait a little bit until your eyes get used to the darkness and then you can tell who it is that you have to wake up. If that won’t work, then it depends on the people and the situation. In general you can not wake up the other people because your friend wants to wake up, unless he situation is such that it is clear to you that his roommates won’t mind. For example, if he has an important flight, and you can readily assume that his roommates wouldn’t mind being woken up momentarily in order for him to make the flight.

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