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Definition of Koveah Seudah


What does Koveah seduah mean? If one is Koveah seduah (on certain item) say hamozti and bentch. Thank you.


Koveah Seuda means that the person is making this food and eating enough to consider it his meal. The halacha is mentioned in regard to eating certain types of mezonos, which are really a type of bread that is altered, such as a pie, which is bread filled with fruit, or cake that is bread that has a lot of flavoring added to it. Although it is not the norm to make cake into a meal, and therefore the bracha is mezonos, however if the person was koveah seuda, and he did make into his meal, then the bracha would change from mezonos to hamotzei.

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O:CH 168-6.

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