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Frozen bread


Can bread be taken from the freezer and then eaten as a bread meal without heating? Or is this considered disrespectful if the bread is not fresh and then not heated up?


Your sense of respect for brachos is remarkable.

Whenever we say a bracha on food it is prefferable that the food be as tasty and prominent as possible. This is why we will make the bracha on a whole item, or on the one that we like best. Therefore it is prefferable to make he bracha when the bread is defrosted already. However according to a number of poskim, even if the bread is still frozen we will still make a bracha on it. This is because frozen bread although not as pleasent, is still edible (although it would be better to wait a little for it to partially defrost so you will surely benifit from it). It is for this reason that a frozen Challah may be used for lechem mishne on Shabbos.

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Minchas Yitzchok 9-42, Rivivos Efrayim 2-115 (2), Meohr Hashabbos 1-c chap 27-2 quoting Dayan Fisher zt”l that frozen challah is edible, Kovetz Halachos ( Shabbos) 1-14 (19),

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