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Going to the right while holding the sefer torah


Can you please provide a source for the widespread custom of walking the sefer Torah on the right side of the bima both to and from? is it simply an application of the bigger concept of kol pinah? Or is it brought down particularly in respect to hava’as sefer Torah?


The minhag is to walk the sefer torah from the aron to the bima using the right side, when facing from the aron hakodesh to the bima, and when returning the sefer torah to use the other side. The reason for this is because when visiting the Bais Hamikdash the Jews would enter on door and exit using the door on the opposite side, as it says in Yechezkel 46. Alternatively, when putting the sefer torah back to go from the other side. It happens to be that when facing towards the aron from the bima, the right side is the opposite side as when coming from the aron towards the bima. An additional reason for this is so that all things done with the sefer torah should be with the right, as it says “m’yimino aish dos”, that the torah was given from the right.

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M:B 141-25, Kaf Hachaim 141-37.

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