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Which comes first Al Hamichya or Borei Nefashos


What happens if I’ve ate a meal without bread. For instance, spaghetti and tomato sauce with a side of potato salad. What would be the after bracha. Each one has to fall into separate categories. For example, Al Hamichya and Borei nefashos. Would this be the proper way of doing this? Thank you.


Thank you for your question.

You would make two bracha achrona, Al hamichya for the spaghetti and Borei Nifashos on the potato salad. The Al Hamichya is a more prominent bracha, then borei Nifashos, therefore it should be said first.

Best wishes

P. S. Why would you not want other people to benifit from a question of this type?



Pri Megadim Introduction to Hilchos Brachos, Biur Halacha 202-11 D:H Bracha Achas.

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