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Mezuza placement by this door


My front door opens into a small entrance room. The small entrance room opens into a larger living room. The entrance between them has no door or even a real doorframe, although on the right side going into the living room the wall ends, and also the ceiling goes up as you enter the living room, giving a kind of appearance of a doorway perhaps. Does this need a mezuza? [the picture attached is showing the entrance as you enter from the entrance room into the living room. the person is standing in the living room]
Everywhere else in the apartment as well (except for the front door and the bedroom doors), one room just flows into another with no door frames between them, so will I not need mezuzahs anywhere (except for the front door and the bedroom doors)? [You can see another example in the picture I attached, in the back of the picture there is another doorway leading to a hallway that also has no doorframe]



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Both doorways do not need a mezuza. Regarding the first doorway, the one between the small entrance room and the living room, since the right side of the doorway does not have a doorpost, it doesn’t need a mezuza. Regarding the door at the end of the room, it would not need a mezuza because it doesn’t have a lintel, which is needed in order to be obligated in mezuza.

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