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Making a Bracha on a Talis Kattan


When someone puts on a Talis Kattan do they make a Bracha, even though they will later put on a Tallis Gadol by davening. Do they need to have that in mind when they put on Tallis Kattan?
Is the Bracha optional or is it a Bracha levattalah ?


The minhag is that a person who puts on a talis gadol does not make a bracha on the talis katan. The reason for this is because there are times when a person puts the talis katan on close to the time he puts on the talis gadol and then it is a bracha sheino tzricha. When making the bracha on the talis gadol we have in mind that this also for the talis katan. There is no need to have in mind when putting on the talis katan.

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M:B 8-24.

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