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Borer of 2 of the same item (for most people)


If one has 2 of the same item that are mixed together, but these 2 items are viewed by a small minority as different, would it be considered a mixture for the majority? what about for one that is part of a minority.
Example: 2 pieces of chicken grilled slightly differently [1 medium/rare, 1 well done] or 2 different cups of orange juices [1 with pulp, 1 without].
What about pistachio nuts, where some are fully closed, is it a problem to take those closed ones out.


If the difference between the two is considered as only light to the majority of people, and even if they would rather have this type i.e. the medium/rare than the other, but it is only a “preference”, then they are considered the same type. If someone is very particular about the difference, then for that person it is considered two types. The same would apply to the pulp of the orange juice; if it is only a preference for most people and for you it is also that way, then they are considered one type, but not if you are from the minority that are very particular about it.

Regarding the pistachio nuts that are closed, many people are not capable, or willing to be bothered to open them that way and will throw them out. Therefore, the closed nuts would be considered “defective” and a different type then the open nuts.


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