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tzizit QUESTION #2


If someone tried to make the tzizit not droop to the edge even while making it flush to the corner, but it droops any how. Is the person still yotzei the mitzvah without a bracha lavatolah? Is it only a chumra? Or can the person be yotzie lachotcila or bedieved?

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The tzitzis are supposed to hang over the side of the garment, and then hang down, not over the corner. Although it is close to the corner, it hangs over the side, and not from the bottom of the garment. If the tzitzis did hang from the bottom, b’dieved it is still alright. A person should however be careful that the strings don’t hang flush over the corner itself, since this was the practice of the Karites.

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M:B 11-73

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