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asara rishonim


Should one go to sleep early, at the expense of learning Torah, in order to wake up early and be from the asara rishonim the next day? (He will learn before Shacharis, but maybe learning more at night is a bigger mitzvah, and maybe one shouldn’t push off a mitzvah and should rather learn as much as possible at night?)


Thank you for your question.

Being one of the first ten to a minyan usually means that you come 10 minutes before davening starts. Meaning that you will wake up ten minutes earlier than you did until now. Unless you are such a scheduled person, and you don’t waste any time before going to bed at night, the ten minutes shouldn’t really matter much. Additionally, it is easier to learn in the morning, you’re your mind is rested and fresh then at night, so you are not losing out as a result of the ten minute change in your schedule. Going to sleep earlier at night in order to be able to learn and daven better is also a mitzva.



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