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I get a salary from my company, and was getting some money on the side to pay my kids tuition which was considered for me a raise, even though that went directly my childs yeshiva. A few months ago, my boss decided to include that on the books and I would pay the tuition. He added some other old monies that he owed me as well, and said that the amount I was given will go throungh Jan. ’21 and then we will revisit my paycheck amount again, then. My first paycheck in Jan. was the same amount as the last few months, either he forgot to adjust or decided to leave as is. Am I suppposed to double check with him that he intends to leave as is, or am I not mechuyev if he doesnt bring it up? TY


If I understand your question correctly, there was some extra monies that were given to you for the last number of months due to monies that your boss owed you, which were spread out in the addition to your paycheck. Now you seem to have gotten the extra money in your first check of January 21, and you want to know if you have to say anything about it.

This sounds like a question of returning lost money. If the boss is Jewish then you have to mention it to him. However, if he isn’t Jewish, then the mitzva of hashovas aveida doesn’t apply, however if you want to make a kiddush Hashem, then tell him something about it.

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Shulchan Aruch CH:M  259-1,3, 348-2. See Be’er Hagolah CH:M 348-5 that he saw numerous people that got rich specifically because they returned monies of gentiles which were given to them by mistake. As a result of their honestly they were rewarded riches by Hashem.

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