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Teviles keilim masseh uman


Some electrical appliances may be ruined if they are toiveled, I’ve heard if they are dissembled and reassembled in a professional manner they know longer require tevilla because they are now “made by a jew”
If I cut the wire and reconnect the wire without touching the primary part of the appliance would that qualify?
is cutting and reconnecting the wire enough of an action, I assume more then 50% of society isn’t comfortable doing it, but there certainly is a sizable percentage of regular handy people that are just fine doing it.


There is controversy about this. According to some poskim it has to be “broken in a way that only a professional can fix it, however others say that this is enough. If you are stuck and don’t have another option, you can rely on this. As a side point the wire that you are cutting has to make the appliance inoperable, and not just that a certain function stops working.


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