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Toveling a disposable Disposable pan


Hello, if I want to use a disposable pan to cook until I can toivel the real pan, can I cook a few things separately in it as long as it is for the same meal or is this considered re-using? For example, could I cook some vegetables, take those out, and then cook tofu, take that out and then make a sauce and put it all together?

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There are different opinions regarding using disposable pans without toveling them. Some poskim say that since they are disposable, they are not considered a kli, and this is the way many people in the USA do. The rationale of the poskim who say that it I permitted to use it even two three times I because essentially it can’t last long, and you mean to only use it temporarily before throwing it out, therefore it isn’t really considered a “utensil” that would need tefilla. Regarding your question, although you are using the aluminum foil pan a few times, it is all to cook one meal, and you aren’t using it in any permanent way. Therefore, according to the poskim who hold that these pans don’t need tevila, this would also not need it, and you can use it.

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