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Year of mourning for a parent, buying used clothes


My father passed away six months ago. May I buy and wear second hand skirts, they look new to me, and I usually buy clothes in second hand shops. But, I have only two skirts for winter and I am loosing weight and I am between sizes.



It is allowed as they are second hand and therefore not considered “new” clothes.

All the best



(See also Be’er Hagolah end of Y:D 389 who only allows buying new clothes and having someone else wear them for a few days if it is “a case of need”. Only in that case is the leniency limited to a case of need since the clothes are really new and worn for a few days to enable the avel to wear them. Conversely, in the above question, the clothes are second hand and not “new” clothes, and therefore buying them is allowed in all cases.)

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