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Massar to use to pay someone else’s debt who can’t pay it back


My father declared chapter 7 bankruptcy a couple years ago. There was an unsecured loan he had from a relative that was done with a heter iska (the business that the money was lent for is no longer in business as part of the bankruptcy). The relative feels that the money is still owed and my father needs to pay it back so there shouldn’t be shalom bayis problems in the family. He is back on his feet, but doesn’t have the money right now to pay back this loan. I have money that is massar from my job and I wanted to know if I can give it to him to pay back part of the money that is owed. I know it is a burden on him owing the money and giving a portion now would alleviate that until down the road at some point he may be able to pay back more. (I don’t know if it makes a difference but the relatives learn in kollel in Israel.)

Can I use my massar money for this?

Thank you



Yes you may. Your father currently seems eligible for maaser money to pay back the loan. In addition, this is a devar mitzva that maaser money can be used for.

All the best




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