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Shelving in Shver’s Garage


My shver rented his garage to a frum couple for many years. They are no longer married. They were informed sometime in August, or early September that he wanted his garage back. After some pressure they, finally, agreed to remove their possessions from his garage. The ex-wife recently informed my wife & I that she wanted us to either pay for the shelving or have it dismantled. Obviously, any dismantling would be done at their own expense. The problem is that my shver infomed me, earlier this week, that he & the ex-husband had agreed (sometime in August or early September) to leave the shelving as is. Can we assume that the elaborate wooden shelving they had someone build & install belonged to the husband (some 10-15 years ago when they were still married)? So if he agreed with my shver just prior to removing their possessions from the garage, that the shelving would remain intact, & installed in the garage, that their agreement is binding, regardless of how his ex-wife feels? Thank you & be well.


Thank you for your question.

Since this is a question that involves two parties- your shver and the ex-wife- they must go together to a beis din or to a mutual Rav to discuss this matter.

All the best




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