My daughter was suggested a shidduh and mother of the young man has the same first name.
My daughter has a second name that she is not using.
Should we go ahead with shidduh?
Thank you



This is a very delicate question that should be discussed with a Rav who is familiar with your daughter and her present situation.

May you have much hatzlacha, and may your daughter be zoche to her shidduch soon!



Noda Beyehuda Even Ha’ezer tinyana 79 is lenient, and Igros Moshe Even Ha’ezer 1:4 leans towards being lenient. However, many other poskim are stringent in this matter. Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, as heard from Rav Gans shlita, would answer this question depending on the specific circumstances of the case.


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