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Forgot to have kavanah on tzitzis and hefsek for shel Rosh


  1. If someone forgot to have in mind to be yotzeih his bracha for his tzitzis when he made his bracha on his talles, does he have to make a bracha on his tzitzis.
  2. Also, if after someone put on his tefillin, he started to daven and then realized after that his shel Rosh was not on properly, was his davening considered a hefsek where he would have to say a bracha of al mitzvot tefillin (for sefardim who normally don’t make that beracha)



Thank you for your question.

  1. The minhag nowadays is that we make a bracha only on the tallis gadol and l’chatchila we have in mind that he bracha is also for the tzitzis. If one didn’t have the tzitzis in mind it, since this is what he usually does, it is considered as if he automatically had the tzitzis in mind, and he would not make another bracha on them.
  2. It is hard to say that he should make another bracha, because in all probability he did put the Shel Rosh correctly at the beginning, and it moved out of place later.

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M:B 8-24, Biur Halacha O:CH 8-13 D:H Im Hoyo.

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