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Question after tevila


This is me being OCD but yesterday I did my most of my chafifa at home saving any last minute things to do at the mikvah. Before i left to the mikvah i cleaned up a little and picked up my child’s glue stick which felt a tiny bit sticky. I didn’t think much of it because I knew I was reshowering.I spent a decent time going over every thing at the mikvah and checking over my body. I didn’t notice any stickiness but I also didn’t check specifically either because everything looked clean and i was focusing on my nails and completely forgot about touching the gluestick. I read somewhere that my tevila may be invalid if something sticky remained on my skin. please advise if everything is ok I am very nervous. I also felt something a little crusty in my ears which I either missed or happened overnight but i remember cleaning and checking my ears to the best of my ability. Thanks.



The tevila is 100% kosher.

All the best




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