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Fruit pieces in yogurt proper bracha


Shehakol would be on a simple yogurt. How does real fruit pieces inside work? In other words, aside artificial flavors, how to apply a bracha with real fruits? Would it be proper to recite, Ha’eitz on that particular fruit. For instance, blueberry, peach, etc. Thank you.


There is no need to make a separate bracha on the fruit because it is there to enhance the taste of the yogurt, and therefore it is a tofel.If however there are a lot of fruit pieces, and they are the majority, then the fruit would be the ikar, and the yogurt he tofel, and he bracha would then be haetz. However, this is not the case with commercialized yogurt that has pieces of fruit in it.

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O:CH 212-1, Sharei Habracha pg. 613.

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