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Skipping parts of davening


Can one skip parts of Pesukai Dezimra in order to daven Shmoneh Esrai at hanetz hachama? Is there a difference if he is davening alone or with a minyan?


Yes, a person may skip parts of pesukei d’zimra in order to make vasikin. We cannot skip Boruch Sheamar, Ashrei, or Yistabach in order to do so. This applies even if you are not davening with a minyan. When a person is davening with minyan, even if it isn’t vasikin, he may skip parts of pesukei dzimra in order to start Shemona Esrei together with the tzibbur.

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M:B 52-1,6, Biur Halacha 58 D”H U’mitzva, Avnei Yoshpe (Tefilla) 4-3,

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