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1. If scissors are used to cut a package of food (e.g., two sealed connected packages of tofu) but do not actually touch the food itself, must they be toiveled?

  1. If one follows the lenient ruling (per rabbi) that toasters do not require immersion, does it matter if the bread is frozen or not (i.e., whether it “requires” cooking vs. not)

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  1. The scissors do not have to be toveled. A scissors that is used for non-food items, i.e. paper etc. does not have to be toveled since it’s use is not primarily for food. Additionally, you only used the scissors to cut the package and it isn’t meant to touch the food.
  2. I don’t understand what you are referring to regarding the toaster. If you say that it doesn’t need tevila, so you have no question? Therefore, I don’t understand your question.

As a side point, the fact that the food is frozen right now doesn’t change anything here, because the food will be edible when it is made hot.

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Shulchan Aruch Y:D 120:5, Shach 10, Taz 7, Pri Chadash 5. Aruch Ha’shulchan 35-36,

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