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Unmarried woman tracking period


Since a vesses kavuah is not uprooted until a woman establishes a new vesses, must a woman who is not married track her vestos to see if she has established a vesses kavuah so that she is not intimate with her future husband in case that the vesses that was not uprooted is reestablished while they are married?

what sources are there on this? thanks


The minhag of the poskim is not to recommend a single girl to keep a calendar until a few months before she actually gets married. One of the reasons is that we are not terribly afraid that she might really have a veses kavuah, as it isn’t common. If she would really have a veses kavua, when she starts keeping her calendar, she will notice it. If she happened to one time have three months that came out the same, she technically has a veses kavua, but we don’t have to be concerned about it in advance. Additionally, before she learns hilchos niddah, it will be hard for her to get straight what is night, what is considered a period, (a veses and not a kesem, an issue of colors) it order to know which time period is the correct one from which to count.  Therefore, this is what the poskim advise.

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