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Lashon hora about gedoliim


Is it lashon hara to publicize that a certain adam gadol follows certain leniencies in halacha (the reason one is doing so is to suggest to another that it may not be necessary to be machmir- for example, to say that a certain rav does not wash negel vasser by the bed, or makes Kiddush on grape juice and not wine)? Or should one avoid saying this, as it may lead the listener to think negatively of the adam gadol, since the listener is makpid?


It could very well be lashon hora, depending on the circumstances. If the intention of the person saying it is to negative way or show that this person is not so careful with haolacha then it definitely would be lashon hora. Additionallly, if the people that it is said to will interpret it in a negative way then it would also be lashon hora. If however it is beng said for toeles then the halachos of lashon hora l’toeles have to be applied.

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Eitza V’toshia- R’ S. Huminer

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