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Bedika Cloth that turned out to be fine


Yesterday was my onas haveses. My morning bedika looked questionable to me. I’m on birth control and sometimes this happens to me. In my mind I assumed I was a probably in the beginning stages of getting my period and told my husband I might be a niddah but wasn’t sure but we should act as if just in case. The evening one turned out to be completely clean from any stain whatsoever. Which shocked me. So I dropped them both off at our local mareh drop box today explaining it was my vestos and which was the morning one and which was the evening one and that I haven’t had any issues since. The response was they are fine! But now I don’t know what to do based on the wording I said to my husband. I don’t think I for sure called myself a niddah but can’t fully remember how exactly I worded the bedika issue. I’m too embarrassed to call our halacha hotline. What do I do now?



As long as you said that you aren’t sure and didn’t say definitively that you are tameh, it is not considered as if you said that you are tameh.

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