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Kashering air fryer for Pesach


I would like to know if an Air Fryer can be kashered for Pesach. Thank you so much.


Thank you for your question.

There are two potential issues with koshering an air fryer for Pesach. The first is since an air fryer fries the food in a dry manner, as only a minimal amount of oil is used, therefore it would need “libun chamur” in order to burn out all the chometz inside it. The result is that you won’t be left with much of an air fryer. Secondly, if it has a Teflon coating, it can’t be kashered with water, and doing libun to it will burn off the entire coating. Therefore, if you need an air fryer for Pesach buy one special for Pesach use.

Best wishes


O:CH 451-4, M:B 451-27,28.

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