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Hashavas aveida of pretzels left in my car


A child left a couple of pretzels in a bag our car during a carpool drive a while ago. Are we mechuyav to return it? I would assume that they don’t want it back…


You are not mechuyav to bring it back to the child, because we are never obligated to bring it to the owner’s house. However, in order to do hashovas aveida you should inform him that his pretzels were left in your car, and if he doesn’t want them then they are yours. This is for two reasons, first of all, it is possible that he child would want them back, and secondly because you acquired it since it was in your car and became a shomer on it.

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Mishpat Hoaveida 259 Shar Hatzion 13 in the name of R’ Eliyashiv, Hashovas Aveida Khilchoso 3-6.

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