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Purim during coronavirus


During the coronavirus, can one fulfill the mitzvah of listening to the megilah by reading it at home from a printout? Or by hearing it online?

Is it considered pikuach Nefesh and guarding ones health and taking care of ones body to not going to shul for Purim?


During our current  situation we are presented with numerous challenges, and part of them is keeping the mitzvos even while keeping careful to protect our health. We all have to hear the megillah this year, just like every year, however this year it will be a little more challenging. We have to hear the megillah from a kosher megillah, and a printed copy of it is not sufficient, the same way reading it from a sefer is not enough. Similarly, hearing it online is not a good idea. If you are afraid to go to a shul, there are many people every year that are homebound and have someone read it for them in thier home. You can arrange to hear it together with someone likethat, or you can see if your shul have a megilah reading outdoors, or in some other way that will meet your safety needs.

Have a healthy and happy Purim.


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