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Shalom bayis and clothing


My back ground has a mixture of being yeshivish and Yu like.

My wife has a similar background and we have B”H been married for 27 years. I recently started to have great yearnings to move back to my yeshivish side and I started to dress the part more too but my wife doesn’t like it so much…..

I feel when I dress this way it actually affects me in a positive way in how I act and in my avodas Hashem. I am conflicted what to do….I dont want my wife to be irritated with me….yet I feel it really is something I want to do. My wife is a bit into chitzonios a little too much…and she doesn’t like that I am dressing this way. I wouldn’t be so adamant about it if I didn’t feel it helps me feel good about myself and that I want to act in a more dignified and yashrus way when I dress this way.

Any advice?


On one hand you want to fdress in a more orthodox, yeshivish style, but on the other hand your wife wants you to dress with more chitznios. Perhaps it would help if you would buy yourself yeshivish clothing that is nice and in style, and looks good. This way hopwefully you will at least have the actual dress code that you like and it will also satify your wife’s need.

May Hashem help you in your aspirations, and your wife should agree to it.

Have a good Shabbos


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