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Purim on Friday/Erev Shabbos


Shalom.This year, Purim will fall out on Friday (in Chutz La’Aretz). Due to my employment schedule, it will likely be that I will arrive home an hour or so before Shabbos with sufficient time to daven Mincha and make Shabbos preparations. Is it possible to have the Seuda then, and when Shkia arrives, “Poress Mapah U’Mekadesh”, continuing with the Seuda? Ma’ariv would be davened later. If so, would both Retzei and Al HaNissim be said in Bentsching? Thank you.


One of the reasons to avoid doing this is because of the issue you are raising, what do we say in bentching, it is controversial and bet to try to avoid it. However, if push become shove and you are indeed left without a choice, then you would say Ritzei when bentching and not Al Hanisim. The reason is because right now it is Shabbos, and Ritzei is more important than Al Hanisim. As a side point for all the technicalities of what to do, see Purim Meshulash (R’ S. Doblisky) chap.1-6.




See Chayei Adam 155-32, Ketzos Hashulchan 47-22, Mishna Berura 695-15. See also Pri Megadim 695 E:A 6 and M:Z 3 who says to say both, however the Mishna Berura didn’t agree to it.

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