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Binding of isaac


If God had told Abram that Isaac will inherit the covenant. Then how can Abram sacrifice his son Isaac….DO YOU SEE THIS STORY as a real contradiction as we do? Why your God didn’t follow the logic order……as following: 1-asking Abram to bring his son up at mountain of moriah for a burnt offering …THEN after that test. 2-God tells Abram that Isaac will inherit him and have the covenant through his offspring!!!


It is not a contradiction at all. This was precisely the test, that he was given, to see if he would listen without asking questions. This is why he was told afterwards that now I see that you are truly G-d fearing. The reason he inherited Abraham was because he was from the real wife, Sarah, and not a concubine, (as stated in Genesis 17-19) not because of the sacrifice.

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  1. You didn’t get my point……the idea in my question is that abraham according to verses of genesis was sure that isaac will give offsprings and inherite the covenant….and ..THIS had not been happened yet at the time of the test…so Abraham was expecting
    NO LOSS of his son isaac(even if he killed his son/he knows well that son will be raised from dead to inherite the covenant)……So… obviously abraham expecting No loss of his son…SO. ..there is no chance for any sacrifice…….!!!and the simple fact is…… Abraham can not sacrifice isaac for god (sacrifice=no return back to his father) except after isaac has offsprings……

    1. Where do you get these assumptions, that it isonly after bringing offeings, I showed you a verse that says not like that. Beforehe was born he was destined to inherite Abraham. Secondly where do you get this notion of ressurection from. It doesn’t brought in the old testament. We can’t superimpose our assumptions and then ask questions.

  2. For the second may misunderstand my Q………………………..please concentrate for a while …A Man is believing that his son isaac will inherite him and will have the covenant….ok..let us agree on that point………ok??…………,NOW…this man (abraham) is told by God to sacrifice his son…..How can this man give his son as an offering and at the same he believes that this son will achieve the covenant??!!!!!!!!!!……which fate isaac will have? It is only ONE FATE….this is a simple logic..NOW..DO YOU understand the contradiction (for me at least)..

    1. Yes, I understood your question the first time, and the answer to your question is that Abraham knew this also. In fact precisely this point was what G-d was testing his faith, and beleive in G-d no matter how difficult it will be. Will he still believe even though it appears to be a blatant contradiction.

      1. You said in the fourth line (God was testing his faith)..a test of faith?only faith? But GOD in ur book was talking about sacrifice……. read with me (By Myself have I sworn, says the Lord, that because you have done this thing and you did not withhold your son, your only one) genesis 22/16… it is a sacrifice and the concept of (burnt offering) is a sacrifice in its nature… the test is supposed to be a sacrifice..and your YHWH told abraham that the sacrificed son will not be lost before the test!!!!!!

        1. The first words of the chapter read And G-d tested Abraham…

          1. That’s right, faith to see if he was willing to sacrifice. Part of the difficulty in sacrificing was that it contradicted what he was specifically told by G-d

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