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Shabbos Food while traveling


Hi Rabbi,

My mother and I will be traveling to a Caribbean island for a week that for the most part lacks a Jewish community, and we will be there for Shabbos as well. My mother is not as concerned with Kashrut as I am, and while due to circumstances I eat vegetarian food at non-kosher restaurants during the week, I try to only have kosher food on Shabbos. The island is a US territory so most US products are available in the grocery stores. I do not expect to have access to any sort of heating device in the hotel room, although it is possible I could ask the hotel staff to freeze/refrigerate a meal and then heat it up. My ability to bring products to the island is limited as well, but I will likely be able to bring some stuff. Do you have any ideas that may help me out in this scenario?

Thank you so much!


Thanks for your question.

Hashem should help you continue to grow in your observance, although at times things are a bit challenging. In your situation, giving your food to a gentile to heat is not a good idea, because for the most part, whatever we cannot do ourselves we don’t ask a gentile to do for us. There are however a number of other options for you in this situation. Under normal circumstances it is preferred to eat food that is hot on Shabbos, however when a person is without the means to do so, we manage on cold food. Here are some ideas. You could buy some rolls that have an OU, and if you’re afraid they won’t have that there. You can buy cans of tuna, and make yourself tuna salad, (preferably before Shabbos) with some vegetables. There are also numerous ready to eat dishes on the market that have the OU or another reliable kosher supervision. See if there is anything there that you don’t mind eating at room temperature, without heating it up etc. You can eat fruits and vegetables, or canned goods, however open the cans before Shabbos.

Enjoy your vacation and let us know if there is any other way that we can be of assistance.


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