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Milk frother


Question: 1) Hi how does one toivel a Nespresso Aeroccino 3 milk frother? If I submerge the whole cup the electric bottom will for sure break…

2) is there such an eitza to do teviela in the snow? If yes please give instructions how to do it properly.

3) is another eitza is to make a kinyan with a goy?

4) or there’s a teshuva of Rav Moshe to only toivel the part of the cup that touches food while leaving the electronic part out of the water.

Maybe doing some of these mehalechim together would make things better.

This is a link for the exact model of my frother.


Thank you and Tizku limitzvos


Unless I am mistaken, it appears that the cup and the bottom can separate. That being the case, you can tovel just the cup part and that will be fine. Even if the bottom does not separate, unless the bottom part has a computer chip it will NOT get ruined by toveling it. You can tovel it regularly, but leave it to dry, ( if you put it in the sun it will speed things up), for a days, and after any water that got inside has dried, it should be useable without a problem. If you aren’t sure if the bottom has a computer chip, you can call the company and ask.

In the event that it does have a computer chip, regarding the various options that you suggested. We cannot tovel the cup in the snow. This is because it is controversial if we are allowed to tovel in snow or not. The poskim say that if one is stick, that glass may be tpveled in snow, but not metal. Therefore that option will not work for your situation.

Regarding making a kinyan with a goy, if you want to sell a part of it to a goy and then have a partnership with a goy in it, you can.

Regarding he teshuva from R; Moshe, is seems that the poskim don’t really go with it.

Hatzlocha rabba

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