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Asking a goy to move muktzeh


If a mailman leaves a package outside my house, is it permissible to ask him to pick it back up and put it inside my house ? (I live in an eruv)


The poskim say that it is permitted to ask the mailman to move the muktza only if we would technically be able to move it in a backhanded way ourselves. For example, if we need to use the muktza for a permitted use or if its place is needed. However, if the reason for asking him is in order to protect the muktza (from getting stolen), since we can’t move it for that reason, we can’t ask the non-Jew to move it for us. If however it is to prevent a significant loss, then tit would also be permitted, (then it would be shvus dshvus bmakom hefsed).


Magen Avrohom 276-11, M:B 276-31, 307-77, 334-8, Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 22-44 (new edition).

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