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I live in Israel and there has been talk of sanctioning those who have not received the Corona vaccine. Without going into the obligation to get vaccinated, can one who does not want to get vaccinated (either because he had corona, but wasn’t tested, or simply because he is scared to take it) have someone who is not Israeli go in with his card and take the vaccine for him, thus giving him vaccinated status while at the same time help someone who doesn’t have insurance?


To me this sounds like the person is stealing the vaccine, (genieva) as those who now own the vaccine would not permit that person to take one. Additionally the person is lying by claiming to be someone he isn’t, and fooling the vaccinators to give an unauthorized shot, (geneivas daas). Helping someone who doesn’t have insurance is like stealing from your neighbor in order to give tzedakah to a poor person. Besides that it migfht be lifnei iver on your part. We are not allowed to take out a prescription under our insurance plan in order to get medication for someone who isn’t under the plan, because that is stealing. Although it looks like chesed, we can’t do aveiros in order to do a mitzva.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy Purim.

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