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Washing when eating mezonos


Hello, I am new to washing halacha and was wondering whether one would wash for the following:

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Gluten free cake/cookies/bread (assuming one eats enough to qualify as a “meal’s worth–even if just cake).
  3. Granola bars

Thank you very much


  1. Under the assumption that you mean oatmeal in a bowl, we do not have to wash our hands before eating this. The reason is that we only wash our hands when eating a bread meal, or if we are eating a bread- like food, (called pas Habaah bkisnin) such as cake, cookies, pretzels. Additionally, even when eating bread-like food, we would only have to wash if we ate a lot of it, (a meal’s worth). In truth the amount of cake that require washing and Hamotzei is controversial, therefore it is best to avoid eating more than 8 ounces of cake in one sitting. (which will also help for everyone’s diet). A ccoked item is not considered bread like, therefore your cooked oatmeal will never require that you should wash your hands etc.
  2. Regarding gluten free cake, if it is made from the five grains, (Barley, Rye, Oats, Wheat, Spelt- BROWS acronym) then you would wash on it, if you ate the required amount, as stated above. If however it is not made from the five grains, you would not wash on it no matter how much you eat of them.
  3. The bracha on granola bars depends on a number of factors, regarding how it is manufactured, regardless, even if it would be mezonos you would never have to wash on them.

Best wishes


O:CH 168- 6,7,10

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