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Shlomo building the 1st Temple


Akeidas Yitzchak 50 asks why Shlomo was allowed to build the Temple when he worshipped idols and was compared unfavourably with his father. He answers by saying that G-d was referring to the Moshiach ben David not Shlomo who would build the Temple. G-d never instructed Shlomo to build the Temple, but allowed him to do so. David and possibly Nathan mistakenly thought G-d was referring to Shlomo. He proves this by citing Divrei Hayamim 1 17:14 which refers to his throne lasting forever. This did not happen with Shlomo. When it talks about G-d being a father to those who sin it means accidental sinners as in Zechariah 12:8.

  1. Is this a correct understanding of Akeidas Yitzchak 50?
  2. Even if it is, I don’t understand it. The sins which Shlomo committed took place after he built the Temple, so how can Akeidas Yitzchak hold them against him. Was Shlomo not righteous whilst he built the Temple? Could it be that until Shlomo sinned he could have been Moshiach? It seems that G-d’s words to Shlomo were a trigger for him sinning in the next paragraph. Perhaps they were some kind of test which he failed.
    Source is on this link. Note that I’m using an english translation by Elie Munk.


  1. It is possible that this is twhat he is saying. The concepts that Akeidas Yitzchok is talking about are very deep and mystical, and  way above me.
  2. When discussing people on such a high calibre, people on the level of prophesy, we have to understand that even the slightest blemish will be look upon negitively. Therefore it could be that  there was a small fragment of imperfection inside Shlomo, which later sprouted out as what was interpeted as having a connection to avoda zara. That slight blemiosh was enough to cause the Akeidas Yiztchok to say what he said.
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