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Chasidish/ Litvish Havarah


I come from a and chassidishe/heimishe background so my grandparents have a more of a chassidishe havara, however my father went to a litvishe yeshiva, so his havara is “litvish”. Being that I also grew up going to non chassidishe yeshivas I have a litvishe havara. Very often I’m around chassidim and daven in Chassidishe shteiblach, If I daven for the Amd or get an aliya, am I allowed to switch to a chassisdishe havara? Another question, can i permanently switch my havara?


You don’t have a problem davening with a litvishe havara, because this now the havara of your father. When you are in a chasiddishe place and you are davening for the amud or saying anything that is meant to be said out loud, i.e. kedusha, birkas hatorah, you can daven with the havara of the shul.

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Shulchan Shlomo- Tefillah 5-22, 23.

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