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Honoring SHABBOS


Can you list all the ways a person gives honor to SHABBOS?


Here is a list of some of the different things mentioned in the poskim regarding Kavod Shabbos:

  1. The table should be set from before Shabbos
  2. Beds made.
  3. Candles lit. Preparing the candles for Shabbos.
  4. Floor swept, and even if there are any cobwebs they should be cleared.
  5. The house should be orderly and clean.
  6. We should shower, cut our nails, and dress in special clothing for Shabbos (O:CH 262-1, M:B ibid 1,2,3).
  7. Also included is making challos for Shabbos, (Rema O:CH 242-1).
  8. Additionally, preparing food for Shabbos is included in kavod Shabbos. In fact even tasting the food to see that it is prepared well for Shabbos, (M:B 250-2, Chut Shani (Shabbos) 1 pg. 59).
  9. There is a difference between kavod Shabbos and oneg Shabbos. Oneg Shabbos are things we do in order to make the Shabbos a day of enjoyment. Kavod Shabbos are things that we do in order to honor the Shabbos and show that it is special. Oneg Shabbos in itself is also a form of kavod Shabbos, because we are eating special food to show that Shabbos is special, which is an honor to Shabbos. (Tanna D’bei Eliyahu 26).
  10. Any action that one does to show that Shabbos is special is included in kavod Shabbos. For example, having special Shabbos dishes is included in kavod Shabbos.
  11. Some people sharpen the knives (when applicable) so that they will be easier to use on Shabbos (Rema O:CH 250-1). Included in this, is to do whatever is necessary to ensure that Shabbos will be a calm, peaceful day, without friction in the house. This is because that is also part of the honor of Shabbos.
  12. When Buying things for Shabbos one should say that it is “L’kavod Shabbos” (Magen Avrohom 250-1, M:B 250-2). Additionally when doing things in preparation for Shabbos one should think or say that it is “L’kavod Shabbos” ( Gra”z 250-6, Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso chap. 42, ftnt. 153).

There are even things that we don’t do to insure kavod Shabbos,

  1. Doing Laundry on Thursday is included in kavod Shabbos. This is in order to have clean clothes for Shabbos (Eliyahu Rabba 242-9) and to do it on Thursday so that there will be more time on Friday to do other preparations (Magen Avrahom 242-3).
  2. As a side point, The Pri Megadim (brought in Biur Halacha 249-2 D:H Mipnay suggests that the reason we may not eat a big meal on erev Shabbos is because it takes away from kavod Shabbos because we are eating a similar type of meal even on erev Shabbos. Also see Aruch Hashulchan 249-4.


Have a good Shabbos

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