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If multiple people in different ways unwittingly cause damages, who is responsible?


So, I’ve been asked to make my own case based on Jewish Law. My case involves COVID-19, with all it’s relevance in the past year. That being said, here it is:

Say, you are a Rabbi. And you want to run a service during COVID, so you find ways to attempt the best way to keep people safe- dividers, socially distanced, masked, small amount of people- everything you could’ve done. So you decide to go through it; the service comes and goes. One of the people who was there gets diagnosed with COVID shortly after, and in testing everyone else who was there, multiple other people also caught it. One person got very sick, and now their medical bills are racking up, and the outbreak has been traced to one person in those services, meaning it was transmitted through them.

So, who is responsible? Is it the person who came, who caught because they came regardless of COVID and its current issues? Is it the person who transmitted it, because if they hadn’t come this wouldn’t of happened? Or is it you, because you arranged this event regardless of COVID? Moreover, would this case be different if the right safety precautions weren’t taken?


My understanding is that this is not a real case but only something theoretical. In order to get a monetary award under the claim that someone was damaged, that person has to prove that this person indeed gave him the virus, which is something you will have a hard time doing. From what you wrote it is still an assumption, but maybe the person came in contwct with a differant person who had corona, and it is really the other person who caused him to be sick.

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