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Hi, If the Ba’al Koreh doesn’t say every single word m’toch Haksav (thereby causing no one to be yotzeh their chiyuv) may he still accept the money that he gets paid for leining or would that be considered gezel? And are there any mekoros for this? Thank you very much

HI, Can you please explain exactly what happend here in more detail. Thanks

The halacha is that one must read the entire parsha from the sefer torah(looking and reading it inside), therefore if he said even one word from memory, but not because he saw it in the sefer torah, the tzibbur is not yotzei. So I was wondering if this chas v’shalom happens, would the Ba’al Koreh be allowed to accept the money that he got paid for that week’s leining?
Thank you very much
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If the baal koreh said every word, but missed seeing it inside, if it is only a word or two the tzibbur is still yotza kriyas hatorah. He may not do this if it will a whole idea. If he indeed missed enough words that the tzibbur are not yotza kriyas hatorah, then he shouldn’t take money for the leining, as he didn’t properly do his job.

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O:CH 139-3, Magen Avrohom 143-4 and Machtzis Hashekel 143-4 from Divrei Chamudos, Piskei Teshuvos 139-5.


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