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Bracha when reading Shir HaShirim/Ruth/Kohelet individually


Shalom. Does a person make a Bracha on the Megilla for Shir Hashirim, Ruth, etc… if he is davening and leining by himself (no minyan) and he has a kosher Klaf/Megilla? Thank you.


A person that is reading Shir HaShirim/Ruth/Kohelet and it isn’t for a minyan does not say a bracha. The reason is because even according to tose who say to make a bracha, that is only if it is being read for a tzibbur, as a chovas tzibbur, but not when it is read for individuals.

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Shut Rema 35, Eliyahu Rabba 490 seif 3, HIlchs Chag Bchag ( Shavuos) 8 ftnt. 79.

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