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Hello Rabbi i have been wondering of a question and i am curious to know your perspective. Do you think there is a spiritual difference with those who are willing, ready and looking for ways to die compared to those who try to prolong, assist, and desire to live in this world?


Your question touches on a point that is important for all Jews to know. The Jewish outlook regarding living and dying is that G-D created us in order to live I this world, fulfill His commandments in order to receive our just earned reward in the world to come. Thus being the case, human life and the preservation of human life is of utmost importance. In fact, we are commanded to guard our life to make sure that we can live as long as possible. On the other hand, we are also commanded that there are certain times when a Jew will sanctify the holy name of G-d and give his life up in order not to sin, such as not to commit Idolatry, adultery or murder. Therefore Jews are not looking to die, rather we want to live and serve our creator, however under very rare circumstances a Jew is willing to give up his life for G-d.

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