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Shabbos on Erev Pesach


Since Passover starts on Saturday night this year, what should one do regarding food (especially bread) on Friday and Saturday before the holiday?

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Good point. Erev Pesach that comes out on Shabbos can be a bit of a challenge. The reason is because we have to eat at least two bread meals because it is Shabbos, but on the other hand we have to make sure that we don’t have any other chometz in our possession, when the time for getting rid of chometz comes. What many people do, is eat the meal with kosher for Pesach food, and buy rolls or pita breads (which don’t make too many crumbs) for eating Hamotzei. Eat Hamotzei (two ounces worth of bread) over a knapkin, and then empty the crumbs or any leftover roll into the toilet. Additionally, being the we may not eat chometz after the beginning of the fifth hour of the day, we make sure to daven and eat the meal  a lot earlier than usual. Additionally, the floor should be swept (if possible) in the area that the chometz was eaten.

Another issue that comes up, is that we don’t eat cake or cookies, from the tenth hour of the day. This is in order to eat the Matzhoh with an appetite. Therefore when eating Shalosh Seudos we will do it by eating fruits or other foods. Some people split the “morning” meal into two, in order to eat Shalosh Seudos with bread.  They will wash, eat some bread, etc. bentch, and take a break, or go for a walk. Then wash again, eat Hamotzei again, before the end of the time of eating chometz. In truth there are a number of other halachos that we should know for this day. Please see the fpollowing link

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