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Allowed to charge?


I called a dentist office a number of times regarding a treatment option. I had done my research, and knew what was needed. I repeatedly asked each time I called for a ball-park amount of the cost..”are we talking about $4000 or $40000″ I kept asking to which they said I must come in for consultation and xray=$500. after the xray I was told the SET amount, no matter what they do is $25000 top and $25000 bottom. and then go elsewhere to finish the job at $10000-$15000 each piece! If it is a set amount regardless of the work, were they allowed to have me come in to take a $50 xray, and talk(no exam was done)about the work and take $500??


According to what you are saying it sounds like they should not have taken money for an estimate when there is nothing to estimate, as the price of a flat price. Nevertheless, it is not possible to give a correct answer without hearing both sides of the story, as it is usual that the other side will make it appear differently.

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