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Conversation during niddus


  1. What is the geder for intimate conversation during niddus that is assur?
  2. Is anything related to a couple’s intimate life assur to discuss?
  3. My husband may call his Rebbe while I’m a nidda to discuss a number of issues related to how we use our time. While I’m a niddah, may I ask my husband to bring up a topic about how often and when intimacy takes place? Is he allowed to discuss it? Can I discuss it with my husband?
    Thank you


  1. Any conversation that is going to cause them an internal excitment, is not permitted, because of what it can cause.
  2. Talking about thier intimate life is definitely ncluded in this.
  3. You husband may discuss these questions while you are a nidda, however the two of you may not discuss it, as stated above. There will be time to discuss it later.
  4. Best wishes


Y:D 195-1, Badei Hashulchan 195-5.

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