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Do I have to keep new minhagim/chumras that my husband takes on


My husband and I come from British/German families and always kept 3 hours bet milk and meat. A few years ago ( we now live in Israel) he decided to keep 6 hours but told me that I don’t have to change my minhag ( our children are all married so there’s no question of conflicting chinuch).
He also decided at that time to keep Rabbeinu Tam time for motzei Shabbos but again said that I don’t have to keep that.( i.e. I can start washing dishes etc ).
Is it all right that I don’t keep the same minhagim or should I also be keeping the same ones.


Yes, it is alright if you don’t keep your husband newfound chumras. These are things that he took on as a personal chumra, (since his minhag is to do differently than that) does not obligate you. In other words, what your husband was telling you is that although the family minhag is to keep only three hours, etc. he personally wants to be machmir, but that is not binding for you.

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  1. I saw a letter from Rav Schwab ZT”L on waiting 3 hours. He wrote that he waits 6 hours based on the Shach that anyone who has the smell of Torah should wait 6 hours. But he writes that his wife waits 3 hours.

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